Welcome to Eden’s Island

Yes, Eden has a sandy cove!

(Ohh, yeah-yeah! Ohh, yah-yah!)

Where boys and girls fall in love!

(Ohh, yeah-yeah! Ohh, yah-yah!)

eden ahbez in New York City, May 1948.

Eden Ahbez in New York City, May 1948.

What’s all this about you ask? I’ll tell you:

Mystical moods evoked in exotic jazz, dancing naked around the burning embers, surfing and combing the beach, sharing free love, doing a lil’ trading, seeing the great ships come and go.

These, dear reader, are the topics that pervaded the songs of Eden Ahbez, the man who lived in a sleeping bag beneath the HOLLYWOOD sign and wrote the jazz standard “Nature Boy.” His friends called him “ahbe.”

I am presently at work on a print biography of Ahbez’s life, and plan to update this blogsite with stories, pictures, videos and anecdotes about Ahbez frequently.

If you personally knew him, please don’t hesitate to contact me at: bcxists@gmail.com.

Now that you found me on Eden’s Island, keep checking back often, where “the wind has been telling the truth forever and ever and ever.”

Brian Chidester


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Eden’s Island

  1. Wonderful, wonderful work, Brian. All the stories, all these characters, fascinating! Herb Jeffries alone is another book. I had no idea Eden lived in my neighborhood on Avenel for a while. And of course I have been to the Lake Shrine! It’s such a bummer that Domenic missed finding him in time, and how odd that his death and his “resurrection” thru the Eden’s Island re-release coincided.

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