NEWS: BBC Radio Debuts New Documentary About Eden Ahbez

eden ahbez plays his wooden flute

It is official! BBC Radio 4 has just aired their audio documentary about Eden Ahbez, titled A Strange, Enchanted Boy.

Here is the link:

BBC 4\’s \”A Strange, Enchanted Boy\”

The show will remain online until July 6th, so scurry on over and listen to this half-hour program me. It features interviews with film director Baz Luhrman (Moulin Rouge), folk singer Donovan Leitch (“Mellow Yellow”), jazz singer Herb Jeffries (the Duke Ellington Orchestra), counter-culture historian Gordon Kennedy (Children of the Sun), Ahbez-collaborator Joe Romersa, and yours truly, Brian Chidester.

“The earth is my altar,
The sky is my dome,
The mind is my garden,
And the heart is my home…
And I’m always at home…
Yay, I’m always

at ohm…”

(Eden Ahbez)

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