NEWS: Exotica Compilation CD Features Rare Eden Ahbez/Bob Romeo Tunes

Cherry Red Records recently released Exotica Classics, a two-disc set comprised of five exotica masterpiece albums. Of particular interest is the Aphrodesia LP by Bob Romeo, which features three Eden Ahbez songs from the mid-to-late-’50s, when Ahbez was playing L.A. beatnik coffeehouses like the Gas House (Venice) and the Insomniac Cafe (Hermosa Beach).

(NOTE: The three Ahbez/Romeo tunes — “Lisbon Street Dance,” “Zen” and “Sahara” — are also featured on the new Exotic World of Eden Ahbez vinyl comp.)


The complete albums included on this CD are:
Miriam Burton – African Lament
Bob Romeo – Aphrodisia
The Buddy Collette Septet with Marni Nixon – Polynesia
Frank Hunter – White Goddess
Ahmad Jamal – Macanudo

Full track listing and ordering info here.


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