NEWS: The Capitol Tower, “Nature Boy” and the Hollywood Sign

Well, not really news…

Unless you consider a re-post of Nat “King” Cole’s memories of how he discovered Eden Ahbez’s “Nature Boy” in 1947 to be novel. Apparently NewsFour in Dublin does!


An Irish columnist named Noel Twamley knew Nat Cole himself, as well as a few chums of the late jazz crooner, who’d heard Cole retell the story of the “Nature Boy” legend in person. Twamley bases his short article on these composite memories.

Click here to read it.

Of special note, the article claims that “Nature Boy” was the big hit Capitol Records needed to solidify its company, and based on the record’s success, was able to build the Capitol Tower on Hollywood and Vine. Ironic that the most iconic building in Los Angeles was erected from royalties of a song written by a homeless man!

What’s more, this article gives a nice recount of Ahbez’s time spent living under the HOLLYWOOD sign, saying that he was with “girlfriend” (likely his wife Anna), and some devotees. The details are fascinating any way you shape them… and we’re always looking out for more!


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