NEWS: Ahbez Contemporary Moondog Gets Documentary Film

For those inclined to 1950s proto-hippies, news of a documentary about Moondog—the great NYC composer, street busker and early counter-culture guru—is cause for celebration.

See the link here.

Moondog: The Viking of 6th Avenue

Moondog: The Viking of 6th Avenue

It is not known whether Eden and Moondog ever met, though Ahbez—during his stay in NYC in June 1948 to promote “Nature Boy”—wrote an unrecorded song titled “The Beat of New York,” which I’ve always kinda thought could be an ode to Moondog. Probably wishful thinking.

Whatever the case… check out the new film’s trailer here:

Hopefully Ahbez will one day get his own documentary too. [Hint, Hint]


4 thoughts on “NEWS: Ahbez Contemporary Moondog Gets Documentary Film

  1. Brian:

    Very far out; beautiful and deeply moving. Brian, please keep us in the loop on this film. I can already see that the production values of the film are excellent–the editing cuts are perfection. I am listening to Moondog’s Lament for cello while I write this. There is not one throwaway note: each note roaring like a New York subway car. I can see people moving in the streets. The notes are deceptively simple, like a black and white photograph. Wow. This was quite an experience. The cello is double-tracking itself with this haunting melody. What a soul this cat shares with us! Brian, thank you for this…

    • No problem! Moondog is a worthy subject, and his life’s work and story is much further along than Eden’s, at present. There’s a biography on him… now this documentary… and several posthumous releases have collected MD’s lost works in ways that I’d love to see done for Ahbez’s canon. All in due time. Thanks, as ever, for your enthusiasm, YB.

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