NEWS: Book Anthology Features Chapter on Lost Ahbez Music

It’s been a little dry for news around here lately…

So I am happy to announce a new booktitled Bohemian Highways: Art & Culture Abide Then Divide Along the California Coast (Guardian Stewardship Editions)which features a 20-page chapter penned yours truly (Brian Chidester) on Eden Ahbez’s lost sheet music.


The book will be available through online retailers in June. Last week, however, a few of the writers included in the collection spoke at the California Preservation Conference in San Diego, where pre-press copies were debuted.

As for my chapter…

What it entails is a complete look at all of the unrecorded lead-sheets that Ahbez copyrighted between 1946-68.

I was granted special permission by the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. to view the records and make notes on the physical lead-sheets themselves, which I have meticulously documented and interpreted in this chapter.

You know “Nature Boy” and the Eden’s Island album. Now hear the rest of Ahbez’s musical story.

A link to buy the book will be posted when it’s up.

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