NEWS: Extremely Rare 1982 Ahbez Flexi-Disc

“Divine Melody” is a recording that Ahbez made in 1971 and had released on Elefunt Records (backed with the song “Richard Milhous”).

Then, in 1982, Elefunt re-released it as a flexi-disc. Dave De La Vega, the engineer of the record (and label owner of the indie Elefunt) recently came across a small stash of them and is making them available online for $24.95 postage paid. Here is the link.


Back cover of “Divine Melody” flex-disc single.

Here is a brief description of the record as written by De La Vega himself:

“Elefunt Music has uncovered a small stash of original (1982) eden ahbez’s ‘Divine Melody’ SongCards. These are beautiful 8×8″ art cards with a 33rpm vinyl flexi-disc bound inside. You simply fold it open and play on turntable. eden ahbez, writer/composer of “Nature Boy,” performs as Ahbe Casabe. Ahbe sings and plays nazard, celeste, piano and a bamboo flute of his own making. He also sounds the gong. Along with Ahbe is John Greek on bass.”


“Divine Melody” front cover.

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