Ahbez Documentary Film Launches Crowdsourcing Campaign

It’s official. “As the Wind: The Enchanted Life of Eden Ahbez” has launched a crowdsourcing campaign and we need your help. The link is here:


For those fans who are unaware, long-time Ahbez historian Brian Chidester teamed up with filmmaker John Winer in 2017, and the pair have been working on a feature-length documentary about the “Nature Boy” composer since then. Here’s a quick behind the scenes clip about their process:

From 2017-2020, principle photography was completed, with nearly all archival research being wrapped in that time as well. The filmmakers are now in the phase of production that requires additional funding for motion graphics and animation to bring to life Ahbez’s many imaginary utopias, including “Eden’s Island,” and now “Dharmaland.”

Here is the official trailer for the documentary (including some preliminary animation in the middle):

And here is a message from the directors themselves:

The campaign includes many wonderful perks for donators, including an original film poster by designer Matthew Durkin, as well as packages for “Dharmaland” and a deluxe 2LP edition of “Eden’s Island.” There is also the 1960 lost Ahbez mini-suite “Eden’s Themes” which was recorded especially for this crowdsourcing campaign by Ixtahuele. Follow the link above and secure your perks today. It goes towards a good cause.

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