NEWS: “Eden’s Ahbez’s Dharmaland” Is Here!

The gates are finally open!

“Eden Ahbez’s Dharmaland,” arranged and performed by Ixtahuele, is available through Subliminal Sounds Records in all media platforms, from vinyl double-LP to CD to digital download to streaming. Click here to get your copy.

For those unaware, Ahbez wrote the music on “Dharmaland” in the immediate aftermath of his lone solo album, “Eden’s Island” (1960), but because that album sold less than a hundred copies, and because his wife Anna contracted terminal bone cancer, the “Dharmaland” suite never got past the sheet music stage.

Fast-forward sixty years and Ahbez biographer Brian Chidester pulled the lead-sheets out of the Library of Congress and began working on the recording venture in late 2018 with Ixtahuele. Sessions and mixing took place between Summer 2019 and Fall 2020 and included nine of Ahbez’s friends and former collaborators as well as his own handmade drums and hand-carved flute.

As Ahbe himself wrote on “Dharmaland Pt. 1”: “Come and live the enchanted life/Where time becomes eternity/And you will become a dreamer/And dream untellable dreams.” Or as Woody Guthrie said: “This land was made for you and me.” Enjoy.

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