NEWS: Former Ahbez Dwelling Place in Venice Beach Recently Sold

A cottage for sale…

Actually, according to the Los Angeles Times, this small Venice compound sold in late 2014 for $2.56 million. The article also claims that Eden Ahbez once lived there.

Evidence for this claim is not forthcoming in the article and neither the current owners nor the author of the piece itself have replied to my inquiries.

Alas, according to fellow California Nature Boy Bob Wallacewhom I interviewed twice before he passed away in 2013the Nature Boy Trio used to played coffeehouses in Venice Beach during the 1950slikely the Venice West Cafe and the Gas House. (Ahbez later recorded a song titled “Tea House,” his ode to the Gas House and its owner, Eric Nord, of whom Ahbez commemorates in the song’s lyrics.)

Joe Romersa also told me that Ahbez asked him a number of times during the late ’80s/early ’90s if he could help the elderly nature boy find a place by the beach in Venice to live.

The house in question, however, remains a mystery. Anyone with further info, please contact me about it.

The backyard.

The backyard.

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